How To Make GMAC Mortgage Complaints

People who have mortgages with GMAC should know how to make GMAC Mortgage Complaints. A homeowner may wish to complain about inaccurate or rude service received from an employee. A complaint may also be due to perceived fraud or negligence. Perhaps a homeowners payments are taking longer for processing than normal. There are several way to contact GMAC directly regarding complaints and there other agencies that may be able to help as well.

  1. Call GMAC's customer service line. GMAC has a customer service line dedicated to borrowers who have a first mortgage with them. Once a representative is on the line, a customer can make a complaint listing what happened, when it happened, who it involved, etc.
  2. Make a GMAC Mortgage Complaint By Mail. It's normally a good idea to put complaints in writing. A complaint can be mailed to: GMAC Customer Care, PO Box 1330, Waterloo, Iowa, 50704. In some situations, the sender should consider using a mailing method which confirms GMAC's receipt of the complaint letter.
  3. Use the Internet to make a complaint against GMAC's Mortgage Department. Complaints can be sent via e-mail to GMAC. Visit the company's Website, click on the Contact Us link, then click on the e-mail link to access the contact form. The contact form asks for certain information such as name and e-mail address to be supplied.
  4. Contact the Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission is available to review complaints consumers have against mortgage lenders. The organization has a Website  which offers a wealth of information to consumers.

It's best for consumers with GMAC mortgages to contact GMAC first to resolve any issues and make all complaints known. Once the company is made aware of the reasons for the complaints, it is their obligation to address them with the consumer. If the complaints are not handled to the consumers satisfaction they should then pursue further actions to potentially receive the desired outcome.

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