How To Make Golf Club Covers

A true golfer knows the importance of good clubs and to help keep them in good condition they may want to know how to make golf club covers.  These are placed on the end of the golf club to help prevent any damage from happening to the club.  A golf club cover does not have to be anything fancy or expensive and with some basic sewing and crafting skills, they are fairly easy to make

To make a golf club cover, you will need:

  • 1 yard fabric (durable, waterproof)
  • 1 yard lining fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Numbers (optional)
  1. Make your pattern.  The pattern is made to fit the driver.  For the other clubs, slightly reduce the width.  This may take some trial and error on your part.  You will need to make 2 pieces, one for the front and one for the back.  Make each piece 12 inches long by 6 inches wide.  One of the 6 inch wide sides should be slightly rounded.  Make the side piece.  Only one is needed.  This piece is 3 inches wide by 32 inches long.  When all pieces are cut out you will have 3 pieces, one for the front, one for the back and one for the side.
  2. Lining piece.  Using the lining material, you need to cut 3 identical pieces for the front, back and side. 
  3. Sew liner in.  Take a matching liner piece and fabric piece and place the wrong sides together.  Sew these pieces together leaving a ¼ inch seam.  Do this for all 3 of the pieces.
  4. Sew numbers on.  This step is only followed if numbers are going to be used.  There are different ways to add numbers to your golf club covers.  They can be embroidered onto the cover.  The gold club covers can be sewn on with a sewing machine or they can be ironed onto the cover.  It is up to you which way works best but now is the time to add them to your golf club cover.
  5. Finish the cover.  Take the side piece and sew it to the front making sure the front sides are together.  Start at the bottom and sew up, over the top and back down the opposite side.  Repeat this same process with the back piece making sure the front sides are again together.  When these are all sewn together, sew a 1 inch hem along the bottom opening.  After the hem is sewn, the golf club cover is finished.

A golf club cover is a fairly simple concept and can be made in one afternoon.  They are used to protect golf clubs and can be made from many different fabrics.  Upholstery fabrics, old sweaters and denim make great choices and hold up over time.  These covers may take a few attempts to get right but they will do wonders for your golf clubs.

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