How To Make A Golf Course Putting Green

A golf course is a popular place in the summer and owning one can be a gold mine but it needs to be done right and how to make a golf course putting green comes into play. The grass on a golf course needs to be just perfect or the ball will not roll properly and golf games will not be what they should be. By making the correct putting green, games will be off to a good start and will hopefully only go up from there.

  1. Choose the perfect location. The best place for a putting green is on an elevated area. The water must be able to drain off leaving the top dry. Excess water has the potential to damage the grass leaving the green less than desirable.
  2. Clear out area. The area needs to be cleaned out of all the plants, weeds, trees and any excess debris. All of the rocks, bushes and everything else that is in the nearby area needs to be removed. Anything that is under the surface needs to be cleared out too. Everything needs to be removed so the surface can be made as smooth as possible and the grass can grow in evenly.
  3. Begin grass planting. The grass on the putting green will be crucial to having a good surface. The soil needs to be firm and the grass needs to be healthy. The most often used type of grass on a putting green is bent grass. Plant this grass according to the directions on the package and be sure to water the grass everyday. This grass will take some time to grow so be patient.
  4. Be aware of the stiffness of the grass. As the grass grows, be aware of how stiff the grass is growing. Use a golf ball to test the grass. Roll is every so often to see how it rolls. If it rolls straight, the grass should be fine. Also be aware of how the grass is hold weight. Walk around the grass to see if it is firm and is not sinking under your weight. The putting green grass needs to be mowed on days that it has not rained. If it is done on days when the grass is wet, the wheels of the lawnmower can dig into the grass and cause damage.
  5. Add cup and flag stick. Cut a hole in the grass for the cup by tracing the diameter of the can onto the putting green. Dig a hold with a small shovel about ½ inch deeper than the height of the can. Insert the can and make sure the fit is tight. Add the flag stick and you are finished.

A golf course putting green takes some time to create and make just right. Once it is made as it should be, the maintenance phase begins. The grass needs to be cut and tended to so the putting green can stay in top condition.

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