How To Make Good Living In Pro Blackjack

Need to know how to make a good living in pro blackjack? To become a professional blackjack player who makes a good living by playing professional blackjack, you have to play in actual casinos. You cannot play professional blackjack on the internet. On the internet, the deck is reshuffled after each hand. Your advantage comes by counting the cards, and if a deck is reshuffled each hand you will lose any potential advantage you may have had. Playing blackjack professionally is not like playing poker. When playing blackjack it is just you versus the casino. To make a good living in pro blackjack, you need to learn basic strategy, learn to count cards, learn which casinos offer favorable rules and have a large bankroll.

  1. The first thing all professional blackjack players need to know is basic strategy. Learn it in-depth and never deviate from it. You do not want to rely on “gut feelings,” but instead rely on the old hard mathematical odds of playing basic strategy. To make a good living in pro blackjack, you must understand basic strategy thoroughly.
  2. To make a good living by playing pro blackjack, you need to learn at least one system for counting cards. When counting cards you do not actually know which card will show up next, you only know the probability of certain cards coming up. In one card counting system, each card is assigned a value. Face cards are worth -1 and all other cards are +1, with aces being neutral. You keep track of all visible cards played at the table, not just yours but all players and dealers cards. You keep a running count on your head of the overall value of the cards you have seen. If the count is in the negatives then just bet the same amount you have been betting. If your count is high, such as +10, then bet higher as the odds favor you. However, casinos know that if someone is betting $10 per hand and then suddenly bets $500 that the person is probably counting cards, and you will be kicked out of the casino. When your count is high, you will want to increase your bet size, but not by much. If you are betting $25 and the count is high, then increase your bet to, say, $35. The casinos are wise to card counters, and the days of counting cards and winning large amounts of money are over. As a modern professional blackjack player, you will need to “grind” out a few dollars at a time.
  3. As a professional blackjack player, you will need to play at least $25 per hand. When playing blackjack for extended periods of time, it is common to go on streaks. You will have many times where your bankroll will drastically drop by a few thousand in only one night of playing. When you are on a losing streak, keep in mind that this is normal and do not ever deviate from basic strategy. It is also common to go on winning streaks. The winning streaks will make up for the losing streaks over time. If you play four hours of blackjack every day for a year, you might only be able to make an average of $15 per hour playing blackjack. Some days you may win a lot and other days you may lose a lot, but you want to look at your overall earnings. If you are able to earn around $15 per hour on average playing blackjack with a $25 bet per hand, then you're doing excellent.
  4. Do not jump from a $25 minimum bet to a $100 bet simply to try to recoup any losses that may have occurred. This will drain your bankroll. Only increase your regular minimum bet when you have a bankroll large enough to cover you for the extended losing periods that are bound to occur.
  5. The basic rules of blackjack are the same, but there are some variations that give an additional advantage to the house. If you can find a casino where you can “double down” on any two cards, not just nine, ten or eleven, then you can gain an additional advantage over the house.
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