How To Make A Good Skateboarding Video

So, you’ve seen the gnarly skateboarding videos made by the pros, and now you want to know how to make a good skateboarding video yourself. Making your own is quite easy if you’ve got a buddy, a decent camera, some sweet moves and some newer video editing software.

To make a good skateboarding video, you will need:

  • A decent video camera with a tripod
  • A fish eye lens
  • A newer computer with video editing software
  • A friend to tape the video or perform the tricks
  • A skateboard
  1. You’ll begin making your skateboarding video by actually taping sessions. Whether you want to be the star in the film or if you want your buddy to be performing the tricks, you’ll need to just begin taping. There will be tons of filming and outtakes. Everyone who has watched a skateboarding video knows, the actual video is comprised of smaller clips. Trying different angles and testing out your fish eye lens will allow for some sweet shots. If you’re trying to get a long set of tricks on tape, try holding the camera and skating with the person as they are doing them to get  up-close and personal with the action.
  2. After you’ve captured enough video, connect your camera to a computer and upload the footage. You’ll want to open your video editing software and start importing your footage into it. The actual editing process will involve a lot of cutting and piecing together many clips, so don’t be surprised if you actually end up with less footage than you originally thought you had. When editing, be sure to only include the best of the best. Nobody wants to watch you attempt a trick four times in a row, so be sure to edit the fails out. You want this video to consist of back-to-back awesomeness!
  3. So, you’ve got your basic video made, but you still need some music. All skateboarding videos have great soundtracks, and so should yours. Add in some audio to your tape, but make sure that the original audio from the footage is not completely drowned out by the soundtrack. You want to hear those pops and wheels, but you also want your music to narrate the video.
  4. Add some color correction where it’s needed. Make a few manipulations to the video by upping the contrast, sharpness, tint etc. where needed.
  5. Now that your video is completed, it’s ready to be exported. Export your video to a common format such as .AVI or .WMV. You can now officially burn the video to DVD or upload it to YouTube to show all your friends how cool you are (and possibly even be noticed by sponsors)!
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