How To Make A Good Zombie Costume

Whenever a Halloween or some costume party rolls around people always want to know how to make a good zombie costume. Luckily, zombie costumes are perhaps the easiest and cheapest costumes to make from the horror movie universe. I've seen plenty of zombie movies and have known people who have used these methods before, so I can stand behind each of these steps. It's also a good idea to come up with your own methods, since greatness has always stemmed from ingenuity. Here's how to make a good zombie costume.

  1. Clothes. Anything from the attic should work fine, but the rattiest clothes at the thrift store could work just as well. Be sure to tear them to give the clothes a fresh out of the grave look. Another way to make them look more authentic is to let them bake and fade in the sun for a day or two.
  2. Make Up. Cheap white make up at the costume store works well. In fact, sometimes the cheaper stuff looks best. Also use black around the eyes to give them a more hollow look. Fake blood should be applied liberally to the face, specifically around the mouth to aid in the appearance of brain eating. Dried oatmeal applied to the face and hands can also make it look like chunks of flesh have been ripped up or rotted away. 
  3. Accessories. This is where the frugality of the zombie costume really comes into play. Grass and dirt can be rubbed on the clothes and hair to make it look like you just broke out of the casket. Also, if you have the means, get red colored contact lenses.
  4. Hair.  The hair should always be messy and dirty. Zombies don't have a sense of hygiene or style.
  5. Smell. If you really want to be authentic and don't care about scoring or what people think of you, use rotting meat from a butcher shop or the grocery store. Simply put it in your pocket and you'll have a good replication of what a dead body smells like.

Again, it's stressed that you should be original. Pick a unique take on the zombie theme, like zombie Pope or zombie leprechaun. Following this guide, however, should give anyone the basis they'll need on how to make a good zombie costume.

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