How To Make A Graph On Microsoft Word

Need to know how to make a graph on Microsoft Word? Microsoft word has many useful utilities other than the obvious basic document creation. Creating a graph in your word document will really help get your message across and create clearer communication of your ideas. You can easily create a customizable graph on Microsoft Word by following these few steps.

To make a graph on Microsoft Word

  1. Open a new Microsoft word document.
  2. Go to ‘Insert’ menu and click on ‘Object’.
  3. Click on ‘Create New’ tab if it not already selected.
  4. Scan down the list of names and select ‘Microsoft Graph 2000 Chart’ then click ‘OK’.
  5. Word opens both a graph and a data sheet edit window. The graph that appears is already set up with sample data. This allows you to see how your Microsoft Word graph will look and enables easy editing.
  6. To replace data with your information, click a cell on the data sheet edit window and type in your new information. Changes are made in the graph as you type them.
  7. To change data style, select cell, right click and chose settings. 

You may also import data from other types of spreadsheet files.

To import data to a graph on Microsoft word use the following steps.

  1. In the Microsoft graph data sheet select the cell that you want to import data to.
  2. Click on ‘Edit’ menu.
  3. Click on ‘Import File’.
  4. At the bottom of menu box, click on arrow and chose your file type.
  5. At the top of the menu box, beside ‘Look In’, click arrow to find the folder that contains the data file you want to import.
  6. Click on the file you want to import, then click ‘Open’.

 Follow the import directions for your type of file. Microsoft word can accept data files from Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel, Text document and SYLK files.

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