How To Make Graphics Card Fit In Pc

Knowing how to make a graphics card fit in a PC is important to know if you are upgrading a low profile or slim computer. These types of computers have cases that have slots on the back, such as for graphics cards, that are smaller than full size cases. You may also need to know what type of graphics card will fit in your PC even if it is a full size case. Follow these steps to learn how to make a graphics card fit in your PC.

  1. Determine if you are using a slim computer. These will have slots that are about half the length of a normal full size computer. It's fairly easy to tell, but if you are not sure, check the documentation for your computer or case. It should indicate the form factor of the computer. 
  2. Find what type of ports on your computer are available for adding or replacing the graphics card that is installed. Common ports are AGP, PCI, and the specific types of these ports. Check the documentation for your computer again or the manufacturer's website if you do not know what is available on your computer. 
  3. Purchase a low profile graphics card of the correct port type if you have a slim computer case. You may also find graphics cards that have two brackets to work with either a full size or slim computer. 
  4. Install the graphics card in the computer. There should be an installation guide that comes with the graphics card, or you can use this site for instructions.


An option if you do not want to open up your computer is to use an external graphics adapter. You can purchase USB adapters that will allow you to use an additional monitor. These are good for work applications. They do not usually perform well for gaming or graphics intensive uses. They are a good idea for adding multiple monitors to a laptop.


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