How To Make Gravy From Scratch

Knowing how to make gravy from scratch can be achieved by the novice cook. Stories are often told about the lumpy gravy, but you can avoid the newbie trap. Taking your time to learn to make meat gravy is achieved with a just a little time. Make your own meat condiment using the directions below.

To make gravy, you will need:

  • ¼ cup leftover grease and fat from cooked meat
  • ¼ cup flour
  • 2 cup liquid (your choice: juice from meat, broth or water)
  1. Pre-gravy step. Collect leftover fat and juices from cooked meat to use in the how to make gravy from scratch task. Retain ¼ cup of meat dripping to use later in the recipe.
  2. Create base. The first step in how to make gravy from scratch is to add meat drippings and flour in saucepan on low heat setting. Use a spoon and stir mixture continually to cook flour.
  3. Add liquid contents. In a small container, put in liquid and one to two teaspoons of hot flour mixture. Complete this step by integrating it together before adding to the saucepan as the task of how to make gravy from scratch recipe continues.
  4. Swirl often. Place pan back on medium heat as you perform how to make gravy from scratch. Stir gravy frequently to avoid collection of flour or lumps. Let gravy boil for a minute before removing from heat.
  5. Execute last step. Congratulations! You have just completed the task of how to make gravy from scratch. Put this on your meat or in mashed potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste.


  • Meaty pieces can be removed from drippings by using a strainer.


  • Flour not cooked enough will taste raw in gravy
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