How To Make A Guitar Amp

Since a guitar amp is essential for guitarists to have, you will want to know how to make a guitar amp.  This is especially true for those who know how expensive a guitar amp can be.  Not only will you be able to save money by making your own guitar amp, but you will also increase your musical knowledge by taking the time to make a guitar amp.

In order to make a guitar amp you will need:

  • An old box (If you can find an old guitar amp box, that would be preferable)
  • A guitar amp instruction manual
  • A screwdriver
  • A set of wrenches
  • A pair of pliers
  • Some electrical wire
  • Clamps
  • A speaker
  • A Pre-amp
  • A power amp
  • Switches and knobs
  • A hand saw
  • An old rag
  • A hammer and nails
  • A router
  1. Organize your equipment.  Make cuts in the box for wiring holes for the pre-amp, the power amp and the speaker.
  2. Use a handsaw to cut 4 pieces of plywood to 16 x 10.  This will be the top, bottom and sides for your guitar amp.   Cut 2 pieces to 16 x 16.  Fasten all the pieces together with nails to form a square.
  3. Cut a hole for your speaker in 1 of the 16 x 16 pieces with a router.  This will be your front panel.  Place your speaker face down on the wood and trace its circular shape.  Use your saw to cut out this shape.
  4. Cut a place in the front panel for your preamp and the controls.  Make this a rectangular shape that is a few inches above the speaker hole and a little bigger than the preamp.
  5. Attach the front panel to the front of the square box with some screws.  Slide the speaker wires through the speaker hole.  Make sure that the speaker fits snugly.  Place the pre-amp (this includes its knobs and switches) in its spot and fasten it into place with screws.
  6. Install the power-amp and speakers.  The power-amp takes the pre-amp’s signal and magnifies its sound via the speaker.  This is why the larger the speaker, the larger the sound.
  7. Use 16 gauge, or larger, speaker wire to connect the speaker and the preamp.  The larger this wire is, the better off you are.
  8. Screw the other 16 x 16 piece to the back of your guitar amp.

Now that you know how to make a guitar amp, you will want to try it out.   Plug your guitar in and make sure that your guitar amp works properly.  If your amp isn’t producing any sound, check for faulty wiring or to see if the input/output is loose.  If there is a static sound, check to make sure that the nuts are all tight.  It is easy to solve such problems with your guitar amp.

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