How To Make A Guitar Pick From A Turtle Shell

Learning how to make a guitar pick from a turtle shell is not too difficult. After making one, you can use an exotic type of pick in front of friends and impress them. The following is how to make a guitar pick from a turtle shell.


  • Turtle shell with large scales
  • X-acto knife
  • File
  • Five minute epoxy
  1. First, purchase or find a turtle shell that has large scales, significantly larger than the size of an average guitar pick. Buy the rest of the materials as well.
  2. Using an X-acto knife, cut out a scale or section of a scale that is about twice as large as the pick that you will be making from it.
  3. Using the X-acto knife again, cut the section of turtle shell to shape. It should be triangular, with slightly rounded edges, and of a size that you are comfortable playing a guitar with.
  4. Next, with the metal file, gently file the edges of the pick to make them smooth, getting rid of any rough areas or sharp edges.
  5. Mix a little bit of five minute epoxy. Lay the pick down on one side and, after about three minutes has gone by after it was mixed, apply some epoxy to one side of the pick. Let this dry.
  6. Flip the pick, mix some epoxy, coat the other side, and let it dry. This will leave you with a pretty and sturdy guitar pick, manufactured from a turtle shell.

Learning how to make a guitar pick from a turtle shell is fairly easy. Only a few materials are needed for the construction of one, and once made, it is a beautiful guitar-playing accessory that should last.

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