How To Make Hair Extensions

Most people don’t even know it’s possible to know how to make hair extensions, but it’s really a simple process. Whether you are looking for extra length, extra volume, or temporary color additions to your hair do, hair extensions are the way to go. You can make them subtle for daily use, elegant for upscale evening events, or wild for costumes and parties.

What You’ll Need:

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Tinting comb
  • Hair wefts
  1. Buying Hair Wefts. The first step in making your own hair extensions is acquiring hair wefts, locks of synthetic or real hair. Wefts of the highest quality are made of human hair and can be styled, washed and even dyed. Synthetic wefts are much cheaper but much less versatile, and you won’t be able to dye the hair extensions you make. When buying natural hair wefts, look for blonde options so the dye sets well.
  2. Buying Hair Clips. To attach the your homemade hair extensions to your existing hair you will need snap-in clips. You don’t need anything fancy; just basic, inexpensive clips. Ideally, your clips will be 1.5” and have a firm grasp so your extensions don’t fall out of your hair.
  3. Preparing the Wefts .Cut your weft of choice into 3” strips. If you are combining colors or styles, now is the time to arrange each of desired hair extensions.
  4. Sewing the Extension. Choose a strong thread that matches the weft you are using for your hair extension. Fold the weft in half and clip it into your hair. Thread your needle and run it through the weft, the holes in your clip, and your natural hair. Continue sewing until the extension feels secure.
  5. Repeat as Desired. You can keep adding hair extensions in this manner until you are pleased with your look. Remember that because the weft is made of real human hair, you can dye it any color you like.
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