How To Make Hair Thicker

Want to know how to make hair thicker? Many men experience hair loss as they get older, due to illness, excessive coloring or genetics. Thicker hair is often desired by most men. If you would like to know of some ways on how to make hair thicker, read on for some simple tips.

  1. There are many hair products on the market that help you achieve thicker hair. Over the counter shampoo, conditioners and hair restoration systems if used regularly, strengthen hair strands and make hair thicker. Most products include protein, which keeps your hair strong, and conditioned. A lot of these well known products are used on horses as well.
  2. Start from the inside. Apart from applying products topically for achieving thicker hair, you can buy vitamins and supplements such as MSM, vitamin A, Vitamin B2, biotin and folic acid. Drink plenty of water, eat super foods such as nuts, eggs and green and purple vegetables and berries. Although maintaining a healthy diet is essential to overall health, adding these proteins and super green foods to your menu will help make hair thicker.
  3. Oil it up! Castor, carrot, flaxseed, and virgin coconut oil are known to make hair thicker. If you don’t mind applying oils to your scalp, use these natural products every day or every other day and see results within six weeks if used consistently. These oils contain protein which makes the hair shafts stronger and thicker. It also prevents breakage, and makes your hair shiny and soft.
  4. Increase circulation. Consider giving yourself, or have a spouse or friend give you regular scalp massages. These massages can be done with the pads of your fingers in gentle circular motions all over your scalp. This can be done while you shampoo or condition you hair, or when applying oils. Do this routine for ten minutes or more on a daily basis and see the quality of your hair improve and thicken up.
  5. Stay away from heat, bleach and color. While you are in the process of making your hair thicker, stay away from chemical products or regular harsh styling products that may damage your hair. Limit the use of any services that may dry and break your hair until your hair is thick and strong.
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