How To Make Halo 3 Machinima

Because “Halo 3” machinima is so popular, many people find themselves wanting to know how to make “Halo 3” machinima themselves. It’s fun to make, it’s fun to watch, and that’s why many people find themselves wanting to make it. The basics to make “Halo 3” machinima are pretty straight-forward, and if you have the right equipment, you should be making it in no time.

  1. The first step in making “Halo 3” machinima is to get your hands on some video editing software and a capture card. You can either borrow some video editing software from a friend, or you can go out and buy some yourself. The same goes for a capture card. Either way, a capture card and video editing software are essential to make “Halo 3” machinima. When it comes to the video editing software, something simple like “Windows Movie Maker” isn’t recommended if you plan to make something like the pros. Try snagging “Sony Vegas” or something similar.
  2. Begin making footage. To make the footage for your “Halo 3” machinima, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in “Custom Games” and the theater. You will also be using your capture card to get the footage you make from your Xbox 360 to your computer. The majority of your time will be spent in this phase, however. Additonally, don’t worry about the vocals until later on in the process.
  3. Transfer the footage over to your computer using the capture card. Try to transfer as much over as possible so that you have a lot of content to work with.
  4. Edit the footage in your video editing software. Once you’ve transferred the footage, you have to edit it and arrange it so that it makes sense in your machinima. Work on doing this from beginning to finish. Remember that this phase can take awhile due to the importance of getting everything just right. Make sure the storyline makes sense.
  5. Add in the vocals to your “Halo 3” machinima. Once you’ve got the video portion of your “Halo 3” machinima squared away, work on the vocals. Make sure that they line up perfectly with the video, and watch your “Halo 3” machinima come together!
  6. Export your video and upload to YouTube. One of the best ways to share video with the rest of the world is via YouTube. It’s a great outlet for those who love to make machinima and get the word out about it. Upload your video to YouTube and let the compliments roll in!
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