How To Make A Halo Gun

Learning how to make a Halo gun is very easy and a lot of fun. Halo is a science fiction shooting game. It is the “shooting” part of the game which makes it so much fun for its fans. This game has a wide variety of shooting weapons for the players to choose from.

Things you would need to make a Halo gun:

  • Pencils
  • Color Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Card stock
  • Paper
  1. Select the picture. The first step in making a Halo gun is selecting the picture of the Halo gun you want to create a replica of. As there are a lot of guns to choose from, it will be easier to turn on the game to choose the gun.
  2. Sketch. After you have selected the gun you want to create the imitation of, try to sketch it on a piece of card stock. This could be the only difficult step in making a Halo gun. If you are not good at sketching it would be wiser to get someone who is good at sketching to do it for you. Make sure that the sketch is made out with a light shade pencil so that the lines are easy to rub off in case a mistake has been committed.
  3. Cut. The next step is to cut out the sketch drawn on the card stock. This should be done very carefully so that no important part of the sketch is cut off.
  4. Color: This step is definitely the fun part in making a Halo gun. After the sketch has been cut out you can color it in different colors. You can choose the same colors of the gun as the game or you can even make your own combinations.
  5. Cut the contact paper. In this step in making a Halo gun take the contact paper and cut a piece out just a bit over twice the length if the sketch of the Halo gun.
  6. Stick the contact paper. Peel off the protective wrap of the contact paper and lay it on a table with the non-sticky side facing downwards. Now from one side of the contact paper, stick it to the Halo gun. Make sure the whole gun is covered with the contact paper. Cut off any excess parts of the contact paper with scissors.
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