How To Make Halo Guns

For both you and your kids, knowing how to make Halo guns is one of the best ways to take the excitement of the game out into the real world. The heavy-duty guns featured in Halo are a huge part of the thrill of the game and these cardboard guns are great for costumes, too. Here’s how you can make your own Halo gun so the game never ends.

You'll Need:

  • a printer
  • paper
  •  thin cardboard
  • scissors
  • tape
  • clear contact paper
  1. Choose Your Weapon Take a look online for pictures of the Halo weapon you most want to be able to hold in your hands. You’ll need to be able to find at least one large image of the gun in high enough quality to print out.
  2. Print Once you’ve chosen your gun, print out the image you’ve found onto paper. Ideally, the image will spread onto multiple pages so the gun will be life-sized.
  3. Cut Use scissors to cut the picture of your gun out of printer paper. If the original image overlapped onto multiple pages, use tape to connect the cutout gun pieces to make a flimsy paper outline.
  4. Trace Using a pen, trace around the cutout on a piece of thin cardboard. Trace your cutout twice, with the gun pointing a different way in each tracing so both sides of the Halo gun will be represented.
  5. Paint in the Details On each cardboard cutout, use paint, markers or colored pencils to draw in the details of the gun. Use your print out or online photos as a guide. You get to choose how much time and detail you put into your finished gun. Remember that many Halo guns look different from each side and should be painted as such.
  6. Combining and Adding Protection To connect the two sides of your gun, cover the entire thing with clear contact paper. This will also make sure your paper gun doesn’t wear out.
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