How To Make Halo Weapons

If you want to spruce up your gaming experience, you can learn how to make "Halo" weapons. While the "Halo" game already provides users with weapons, it can be fun for players to create their own, personalized ones. Experiment with the techniques described below in order to create the "Halo" weapons that best suit your needs and desires.

  1. Download "Halo" mapping tools on your computer. "Halo" mapping tools can be found in the settings of the game. Be sure to follow all instructions completely when downloading halo mapping tools in order to achieve optimal results. In some cases, this process can take quite a long time and may require you to restart your computer.
  2. Click "start" and "programs" on your computer. Launch the "Halo" game folder and open the halo mapping tools that you created earlier. Choose a particular halo map that you would like to add a new weapon. While you can add as many new weapons as you like, it usually is best to start by adding only one or two at a time.
  3. Click "file" and locate/select the "Halo" map. Determine which weapon you would like to customize and increase the clip size. Other ways to make different weapons includes increasing the zoom of the pistol. Make all desired changes, and close the "Halo" mapping tools. In some cases, it is best to restart your computer after all changes in order to maximize results.
  4. Experiment. Play around with different "Halo" maps and weapons in order to create the best game. Have fun!
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