How To Make Ham Salad

Learn how to make ham salad and use up leftovers. After baking and preparing ham, its nice to have leftovers to use in various recipes. Ham salad is good served on soft, fresh potato rolls or crackers. It's easy to make it yourself and it is something different to do with leftovers. Use a food processor or mini-chopper to grind or dice fully cooked ham to the desired consistency. If you prefer dill pickle relish, use that and also feel free to adjust the other ingredients as well to suit your taste. If you like things a little spicy, add a few drops of hot sauce.

To make ham salad, you need:

  •     Three cups ground, fully cooked ham
  •     One hard-cooked egg, chopped
  •     Two tbsp. finely chopped celery
  •     Two tsp. finely chopped onion
  •     Two tsp. sweet pickle relish
  •     3/4 cup mayonnaise
  •     One tbsp. prepared mustard
  •     Potato rolls (or bread or assorted crackers)


  1. Grind the leftover ham to make three cups. If you're not making this dish from leftover ham, use ham from a grocery store deli. Ask the person behind the meat counter if they can grind the meat for you.
  2. Combine the chopped egg, finely chopped celery and onion, and sweet pickle relish in a bowl. Mix well to distribute the ingredients evenly. Add other desired ingredients, like hot sauce, as an option.
  3. Add the mayonnaise and the mustard to the other mixed ingredients. Stir everything well.
  4. Add the ground ham to the mixture. Stir everything well and refrigerate until serving on rolls or crackers.
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