How To Make A Hammock

Knowing how to make your own hammock is a great way to have a completely custom design. Hammocks can be bought or crafted in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit anyone's style and needs. A hammock is a perfect place to escape on a summer morning or lounge outside on all year round.

To make a hammock, you will need:

  • About ten feet of strong fabric
  • 50 feet of sturdy rope
  • A sewing machine
  1. Hem the fabric's edges. Begin by hemming the two shorter edges of your fabric. These are the sides that will make the head and the foot of the hammock. Fold the edge of the fabric in about an inch and then fold it over another inch. Sew a straight line across the folded edge section of fabric and repeat this process on the opposite side. This will prevent fraying and tearing.
  2. Prepare the rope. To get the rope ready to use, cut the rope in half so you have a piece of rope for each edge of your hammock.
  3. Loop the rope. Fold the hemmed edges of the fabric over to make loops for your rope, about four inches wide. Sew four rows of stitches one on top of the other at the bottom of each loop to strongly enforce the area. Run one piece of rope through each loop. Pull the rope ends together so they are the same length and the fabric loop gathers up in the center of the rope.
  4. Hang your hammock. Find two trees the right distance apart for your hammock. Wind the ends of the ropes around the tree several times and secure with a knot. A variety of knot types will work, so choose the one you know best to keep your hammock ropes secure. Knot both sides securely. Apply a little pressure to the hammock with your hands first to be sure it is tight. Then you can carefully try it out. The hammock should have enough give to provide a comfortable place to lay, but stay high enough to keep you a good distance from the ground.
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