How To Make A Hang Glider

Flying unaided and the desire of how to make a hang glider has always been a man’s dream come true. For ages man has dreamt to soar like falcons and invade blue skies. Hang gliding is the equipment that enables man to fly naturally through the air. Hang gliders have a simple structure with a wing like frame; a triangular frame is attached to the basic structure from which the pilot hangs, giving it the name “hang glider”

Things required in making a hang glider:

  • Nylon
  • PVC Pipes
  • Internet
  • Parachute Fabric
  • Steel Thread
  • Thick Needle
  1. Find sketched designs of hang gliders from the Internet. These are easily available and do not require much effort. With the help of a scale and pencil, draw the plans on paper or get a hard copy. Measurements can be varied according to the wind conditions.
  2. Cut PVC pipes into three pieces of varying lengths according to the shape of glider required. Connecting T joints are used to join the three pipes to get the wing frame of the glider. Leave one joint open to run the fabric later. Use epoxy steel glue to fasten the joints to the pipes.
  3. Get a used hand glider frame from the market. It is safer to use a machine made frame since all the body weight is born by this part of a hang glider and building one is risky.
  4. Spread out the parachute, sheet and take out the measuring tape and pencil. The instructions come with a conversion scale that converts length from centimeters into the desired measurement.
  5. Mark the fabric according to the measurements. With sharp scissors cut the material and seal sides with the help of a candle flame.
  6. Sew together the fabric, looping it on sides to create covering for the PVC pipe wing. Using folded thread double the seams for strengthening. Run the pipe frame through the loops.
  7. Connect the hang frame from the wing structure of the hang glider. Use this hang glider from low heights.
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