How To Make Headphones Louder

Need to know how to make headphones louder? So, you are at the electronics store trying to figure out which pair of headphones to get. You may want to know which ones are the loudest and could give you the most high quality sound. Then, you get home and realize that the headphones were not the sound quality you expected them to be. Well, there is something you can do about the disappointments that many of us face each day with low quality headphones.

To make headphones louder, you will need:

  • An amplifier adapter
  • An audio device
  • Headphones
  1. Inspect your headphone's jack. Most headphones come with a 3.5 mm jack. It is important that you become familiar with what size jack you have. It will make things easier for step two. If you are unsure of what size jack your headphones may have, then you may need to research the different sizes or ask a professional.
  2. Purchase an amplifier. You will need an amplifier whose port is compatible with your headphone's jack. An amplifier will make your headphones louder and increase the sound quality of your headphones. Amplifiers are inexpensive and can be used with any other headphones whose jacks are compatible with them.
  3. Connect the headphones to the amplifier. You will connect the headphones and the amplifier together. If you purchase the right sized amplifier, then they should fit together perfectly. The amplifier will work almost like an adapter, but it is useful in making your headphones louder.
  4. Connect the amplifier jack into the desired audio device. Whatever device you will be getting an audio signal from, you need to insert the attached headphones and adapter into its port. Never force anything into the port that will not fit. Be gentle and careful with your movements.
  5. Test your amplifier for louder sound. Once everything is connected, play an audio clip from the device. If you play the sound and you are not satisfied with it, then you can adjust the amplifier's volume to your desired level. Be sure to adjust the amplifier slowly so that you can prevent sudden surprises from a possibly very loud noise.
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