How To Make Headphones Into Speakers

If you've ever wondered how to make headphones into speakers, now  you can do it yourself. Speakers can be very expensive and many people don't realize that they might just have all the materials they need already laying around there house. Many technological items can be made from one intended item to a completely different item. The steps to turning a pair of headphones into a set of speakers is actually very simple. The time it takes you to turn a pair of wireless headphones into speakers may even be quicker than getting to the store to buy a new set of costly speakers. Not only will you save yourself a chunk of change, but you'll also feel accomplished when you've made your own set of custom speakers from a pair of headphones.

To make headphones into speakers you will need:

  • inexpensive pair of wireless headphones
  • thin cable wire
  • piece of Plexiglass
  • hot glue gun
  • dremel
  • soldering iron
  • something you can use as a slider switch ( you can find one of these in any electronic store)
  • two-channel socket and plug connector.
  1. You'll first want to start by taking apart your pair of headphones and basically unscrew everything, but keep the headphones held together. You'll need to work with the wires inside of the headphones, so you want to open them like a book. When working with wires, always try to keep them on their separate sides, so they don't get mixed up. Also, keep these cables intact. If you do need to cut the wires, you can resolder them later on. 
  2. Once you're able to open up the headphones, you'll want to cut out the housing for the batteries. Do this by using a dremel or even a small saw if you have one. 
  3. You're not going to move on to making a new housing box from your Plexiglas. You can do this by first cutting a large whole which will give you access to the batteries.
  4. Cut a small square hole out of the Plexiglass housing for a place to put the on/off switch. You'll need to solder the switch into place where the spring-based switch was in the headphones.
  5. Then you'll want to make another hole in the Plexiglass. This hole needs to be big enough for the speaker housing. Try to be careful about making the holes as the Plexiglass needs to fairly well sealed in order to give you the sound you're going for.
  6. You'll now want to solder the other end of the power connector to the wire. Then solder the two wires of the power cable to the charging tabs that came in contact with the charging springs in the headphones.
  7. Putting the Plexiglass aside for a minute, you're going to need to take the charging base for the wireless headphones. Take that unit apart by unscrewing everything.
  8. Now solder two wires to the circuit board in the charger where the charger wires were connected. These two wires will serve as the power for the charger.
  9. File down a notch in order for the charger base to accommodate the plug wires with a file. Then you'll want to replace the circuit board and close the charger back up again.

Now, your headphones have been transformed into speakers and are ready for testing!

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