How To Make A Heavy Bag Stand

For anybody who is training for a combat sport, learning how to make a heavy bag stand can be a way to save a good chunk of change. Heavy bags and their stands are deceptively expensive pieces of equipment, so cutting out more than half the price by building your own stand can be great. Like the prices, however, the difficulty of building a heavy bag stand can be deceptive. You will need to be very careful and make sure everything is balanced and anchored correctly, or else you will risk injury.

To build a heavy bag stand, you will need:

  • A space for the heavy bag
  • Concrete
  • Two 54-inch two-by-fours
  • One 24-inch two-by-four
  • A nine-foot four-by-four
  • A 40-inch four-by-four
  • A heavy bag
  1. The base of your heavy bag stand will be the large four-by-four. Remember that you will need to be setting it in concrete, so plan heights accordingly. Take your two 54-inch two-by-fours and fasten them to the four-by-four, one on each side. You will want to make your measurements and cut your 40-inch four-by-four so that it can act as sort of extra stability stand that will meet with the base and the space in the middle of the two two-by-fours. You will want to use heavy duty nails, screws or whatever you are comfortable with. It doesn't need to look pretty, as long as it's safe.
  2. Take the 24-inch two-by-four and cut it into two pieces. One piece will be going on top of the two two-by-four arms, and one will go at the bottom. This is where you will be putting the bolt of the punching bag. The more wood the bolt goes through, the sturdier it is going to be.
  3. After your stand is put together to your liking, you are ready to pour the concrete. Whether indoor or outdoor, you will need to make a space for enough concrete to set your large four-by-four in. You want it to be steady with very little chance of moving. Set the four-by-four straight up and set it in the concrete. This will make up the base of your heavy bag stand. Wait for the concrete to dry, as standing on it may be difficult while it's wet, and set your heavy bag up. There shouldn't be any bend or give at all in the wood for your heavy bag stand. Now, punch away and get one heck of a workout!
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