How To Make Her Chase You

There are a few little secrets that every guy needs to know in her to know how to make her chase you. Many guys make the mistake of chasing women, instead of letting the women chase them. Having a woman chase you is an experience that no guy should miss. It doesn't matter if your drop dead gorgeous or if you an ugly duckling, if you follow these steps she will start chasing you.

  1. Have fun. If she sees you having fun, then she will want to be part of the action. No matter what you are doing have fun at doing it and she will start to chase you. For example, if you are racking the leaves in your yard, turn on the radio and start dancing around while you are racking the leaves.
  2. Ignore her. Most women want what they can't have, so ignoring her is a sure way to get her to chase you. Don't be mean or cruel when she is around, but just act indifferent towards her. Once she realizes that you are not giving her any attention, she is going to do whatever it takes to get you to notice her.
  3. Make sure she sees you with other women. A lot of women, are really jealous creatures, so if she see you with other women she is bound to want to start chasing you. These women don't even have to be women that you are dating. Just seeing you with women that are you friends will probably be enough to get her to chase you.
  4. Get her friends talking about you. A sure way to get her to chase you is to get her friends talking about how great you are. To do this you can start a great rumor about yourself. Get a mutual friend to causal comment on how you really know how to treat a women in bed. Once a rumor like this gets around, she will be knocking at your door in no time.
  5. Be confident. Women love a guy with a lot of confidence. The key to this making her chase you is to be confident all the time. You need to have confidence, but not be cocky. For example, do good work at your job and know that you are doing an excellent job, but don't act like you are better than every one else at your workplace.
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