How To Make Her Comfortable While Watching Her Masturbate

If you want to watch your girlfriend or wife touch herself, you probably already know that you’re going to have to learn how to make her comfortable while watching her masturbate. Though most women do masturbate regularly, society is much less tolerant of female masturbation than it is of male masturbation. While most men are comfortable masturbating in front of a woman, most women are not comfortable doing the same in front of a man. Here’s how you can make her feel safe, comfortable and sexy enough to get off in front of you.

  1. Express Your Desires. Letting her know that you want to watch is one thing, but convincing her that you will find her body and the act of her masturbating sexy is another story all together. Don’t be afraid to tell her just how arousing you will find it and how often you’ve thought about it. It won't hurt to mention to your partner that watching what she does for herself will help you out when you are pleasuring her.
  2. Take the Pressure Off. It is common women to have performance anxiety when masturbating in front of a partner for the first time. The expectation to climax and to be sexy while she does it can be enough to make her unable to enjoy herself. Assure her that you have no expectations and that you’ll find her sexy regardless. Be aware that her coming in front of you will likely be a gradual process based on the amount of trust she has in you.
  3. Make It About Her. Don’t just be a looky-loo. Ask her beforehand what you can do to make her more relaxed. Some women might want you to help out by guiding her hands or kissing her; others might want you to leave them to their business. Ask her if she wants you to talk dirty to her or describe one of your fantasies to her while she touches herself. Remember that her pleasure is the focus, particularly when she is still a little nervous about masturbating in front of you.
  4. Join Her. Ask her beforehand if she’s comfortable with you touching yourself while she masturbates. For particularly nervous women, this might be too distracting for them. If she’s open to it, don’t forget to focus primarily on what she is doing to inspire her confidence. Mutual masturbation can be a deeply erotic, romantic and loving act. Telling her that you want to watch her masturbate, showing her that she can trust you with this vulnerable act, and eventually joining her will build trust in your relationship but it will also open the door to more sexy situations.
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