How To Make Her Crazy

Want to learn about how to make her crazy? These sure fire techniques will have her feeling comfortable, opening up to you and wanting more bedroom time. Let her know how you feel, show her romance and be open to pleasing her by finding her erogenous zones.

  1. Let Her Know You Want Her - Make her crazy about you by letting her know that you want to be with her. Women don't want you to play games. They want to know where your relationship is going. Expressing your feelings once in awhile through words, email or text message will reassure her that you care and allow her to feel comfortable revealing her true feelings.
  2. Be Romantic - Women love romance. By occasionally handing her a flower, planning a nice, intimate dinner or lighting candles in the bedroom while you are getting it on it will make her crazy. She will be receptive and open toward you because you have shown that you can be suave.
  3. Perform Oral Sex – Most women enjoy oral sex. You really cannot go wrong. Just move your tongue around her vagina and clitoris and she will feel a lot of sensory stimulation. Oral sex helps get women wet before intercourse which makes it more pleasurable for them as well.
  4. Rub Her Clitoris - The clitoris is an organ is very sensitive to touch. The sensations from rubbing her clitoris can be compared to that of rubbing the head of your penis. Rub this area and you will make her crazy.
  5. Find the G Spot - To locate the G spot stick your finger up into her vagina and bend the tip of your finger forward (toward her belly). This is an erogenous spot in a female's body. It takes a little work to find it but it will make her crazy.

By letting her know what you want and taking time to please her in bed you will make her crazy. The two of you will have a better relationship in other areas of your lives together as well.



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