How to Make Her Enjoy Camping

Do you love to go camping, but have a hard time getting your girlfriend to enjoy it too?  Does she say she hates camping?   Here are some tips on how to make your girlfriend enjoy camping too.

  1. Make her enjoy camping by making it easy.    If she doesn’t enjoy camping now, she may think that it is just too hard to prepare for a camping trip.  Make it easy for her by doing all of the preparation and packing up.
  2. Make her enjoy camping by making it comfortable.  Bring along a nice soft air mattress or a comfortable cot for her to sleep on. She may not enjoy camping because she doesn’t like sleeping on the hard ground.  Or perhaps she’s not a tent-camping kind of gal?  Try renting a comfortable cabin.   Also, avoid taking her camping in extreme conditions—nothing too hot, too cold or too dangerous. 
  3. Make her enjoy camping by making it fun. Schedule a few things that you know she likes.  Does she like swimming?  Make sure that you take her to a spot where the swimming is great.  Does she like hiking?  Take her to a picturesque area and hike a trail with her.  
  4. Make her enjoy camping by buying her some new things. Get your girl a new bikini for swimming, a new set of shoes for hiking, or a some new gear for the camping trip.
  5. Make her enjoy camping by bringing some food she likes.  Bring along camping fare that you know she’ll like, and do all the cooking for her over a nice campfire.  
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