How To Make Her Happy

Making a woman happy can be somewhat hard and frustrating, but we have ten tips that will teach you how to make her happy. 

  1. Respect. Respecting your woman should be one of your first priorities if you want to make her happy. You shouldn’t treat your lady like a second-class citizen.  Treat her with respect at all times and she will be happy and return the favor.

  2.  Listen. Take the time to listen to what she has to say and show an interest. Women love it when their man takes the time to hear what’s on their mind. So if your lady wants to talk, press pause on the football game and hear her out. 

  3. Express your feelings. Despite popular belief, women actually like it when a man shows his emotions. Now, don’t turn into a big sissy but let her know how you feel. Take the time to tell her how much she means to you, and you'll make her happy. 

  4. Compliments. Nothing makes a woman happier that being complimented. Tell her how beautiful she is often. Take notice when she has a new outfit on or a new hairstyle. Make sure that you reassure her that you think she is beautiful, and she's sure to be happy.

  5. Pamper her. Women love to be pampered! If you want to make your woman happy then make sure to take time to pamper her. Plan a spa day for her or a special weekend getaway. Something as simple having a bubble bath ready for her when she gets home from work can make all the difference. It isn’t always about how much money you spend, just letting her know you are thinking about her is what’s important. 

  6. Show interest in her hobbies. If she is passionate about something take an interest in it. It doesn’t mean that you have to live and breathe her hobbies, just show some interest. Ask her questions about it and every once in a while join in on it.

  7. Make her feel secure. Women have a need to feel secure and not always financially. Tell her that you love her and she is the only one for you. Make sure to give her that affection she desires. Making sure she feels secure is a great way to reinstate how much she means to you.

  8. Fight fair. If you get into a fight, don’t say something you are going to regret the next day. Do not call her names or throw past arguments in her face. Always argue over the current topic at hand.

  9. Take it slow (sex). Give her more than just a quickie!  Take the time to figure out what she likes and how to turn her on. It takes women a little longer to warm up so make sure to take it slow. She will appreciate that you care about her needs as well as your own. 

  10. Romance. Try doing something romantic for that special woman in your life. Every once in a while, show up with flowers in hand or a greeting card with something sweet written inside. Take her on a scenic drive and pull over for a picnic. Doing little romantic things can really show her that you truly do think about her.


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