How To Make Her Laugh

If you want to learn how to make her laugh, chances are you are looking forward to seeing her smile. Whether you are just looking to brighten her day or she is struggling with something difficult and you want to try to make it better, laughter is a great way to go. Try out some of these ideas for how to make her laugh.

  1. Do not be afraid to be silly. With some of these suggestions for how to make her laugh, you are going to end up looking silly, stupid, or even un-cool. Put the serious you aside and take a chance. Even if what you are trying is not successful, you may make her laugh at your lame attempts. In that case, you should still consider yourself successful.
  2. Tell a joke. You have so many choices when it comes to how to make her laugh with a joke. You can actually tell her a funny one, tell her a dirty one or tell her a cheesy one. If the first one does not get her, try again.
  3. Think of a funny moment that you had together and retell it. Be sure that this is a story that she will think is funny and will enjoy reliving the situation again. Be sure to slightly exaggerate the funny parts and check to see if this is working to make her laugh.
  4. Imitate someone that you both enjoy making fun of. There has to be a person that you both know that drives you up the wall. Think about how this person talks and their mannerisms and try to see if you can imitate them in a funny or compromising situation. Sometimes, putting the focus on someone else is all she need to let go and laugh a little.
  5. Watch a funny movie together. There are some movies that you just can not help but laugh at. No matter how sad or terrible she is feeling, there are certain scenes that she will not be able to help it. She will laugh out loud. When picking the movie, be sure that you choose something that will make her laugh. This may not be something that will make you laugh.

If you know how to make her laugh, you will be able to brighten her day and make something bad turn into something good.  

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