How To Make Her Moan

Become the ultimate lover and learn how to make her moan. Being a good lover is not about having an orgasm or seeing how fast you can give her one. An experienced lover spends time pleasuring a woman before, during and after sex. Here you'll learn how to make her moan, and make her beg you to come inside her. Read on so you know how to make her moan.

  1. Anticipation. Foreplay can start outside of the bedroom, even when you aren't together. Start off by giving her something to anticipate. Drop a pair of sexy panties in her purse with a note saying something like, "these are for tonight. Can't wait to see you out of them." Then, follow it up with an erotic phone call. Describe to her exactly what you plan on doing to her when you get her alone. She'll be thinking about the encounter the entire day, and her senses will be heightened beyond belief.
  2. Suspense. When you finally get her alone, do not rush into sex! Instead, spend time alone (out of the bedroom) talking, touching, and kissing. Every single kiss and touch will make her moan, but tell her she has to wait. Then, have dinner together and spend a lot of time gazing into her eyes, kissing her neck, and being highly affectionate. She may become so aroused you'll be able to visibly see her shaking.
  3. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. When you are finally in the bedroom, focus on her. Slowly remove her clothing, kissing the skin that it leaves bare. Your touch will feel like fire on her skin and your kisses will make her moan. Once you begin to touch her breasts, or slip your hands between your legs, there's a good change she will orgasm on the spot. That's what happens when you spend an entire day anticipating sex! Remember, the key to learning how to make her moan is to never rush and always the time to build up the moment.

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