How To Make Her Vagina Smell Good

Figuring out how to make her vagina smell good can be a puzzle for many people. Experts suggest that each woman has a unique vaginal odor, and men are generally expected to get used to that, but sometimes the odor can be so unpleasant that it becomes embarrassing for the woman. Some of the problems that cause vaginal odor can also be serious, so making her vagina smell good might actually be a good thing in many cases.

  1. Start by taking her to a doctor. Things like bacterial vaginosis and many different infections can cause a sharp vaginal stench. When trying to make a vagina smell good, it’s best to rule out these possibilities first. Some of these things can potentially heal on their own, and some of them don’t. Either way, the doctor can usually make them heal faster. It’s also important to keep your lady healthy overall, and a smelly vagina can be a sign of serious health problems in some cases.
  2. Once you’ve cleared up the possibility of anything dangerous to her health, take a look at what she’s wearing. One of the keys to make a vagina smell good is to let the area get plenty of air. If things get too moist down there, it creates an environment that bacteria will thrive in. You can also try convincing her to sleep naked, which helps dry things out on a nightly basis.
  3. One thing you could do to make her vagina smell good is convince her to wash it daily. She should make sure and use an unscented gentle cleansing soap, and she would be wise to avoid using overly hot water. Remember that the vagina has its own cleansing mechanisms, and all you need to do is help it out a little.
  4. Remember not to use a douche. Experts have suggested that douching is not healthy for the vagina, and even if you want to make her vagina smell good, you shouldn’t do it unless recommended by a doctor.
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