How To Make Her Vagina Taste Good

Learning how to make her vagina taste good could revolutionize your sex life. For the love of all that is decent, though, don't ever tell your girl that it once tasted gross. You can gently guide her towards an even sweeter honey pot without making her insecure or hurting her feelings. 

  1. Tell her she looks parched. Your girlfriend needs to drink at least eight glasses of water per day to stay healthy, and a healthy vagina is a tasty vagina. Don't tell your lady that her vagina is dry – this will just hurt her feelings and make her insecure. Tell her that her eyes are looking a bit red and her skin is dry. She'll make more effort to drink her daily recommended intake.
  2. Feed her pineapple. This will not only make her vagina taste good, it will make your semen taste better as well, so you both ought to eat up. Pineapple is full of sugar and will make her vagina taste a bit like pineapple. Note that putting pineapple in her vagina could sting her, though.
  3. Don't feed her asparagus. Just like pineapple could maker her vagina taste good, eating asparagus could make her vagina taste bad. This goes for your semen as well. Eating asparagus will make your genitals smell and taste like asparagus. While asparagus may be a delicious accompaniment to a roast chicken, it's certainly not very sexy.
  4. Suggest that the two of you take a shower or bath together. Maybe your girl's vagina is a little musky because she's been working out. Taking a bath or shower together is hot and you can get her squeaky clean.



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