How To Make Her Want You Back

If you've recently broke up with your girlfriend, you may be wanting to know how to make her want you back. Face it, even the most in love couples break up from time to time, and it doesn't necessarily mean things are officially over. You can learn how to make her want you back by following the advice below. Follow this guide to learn how to make her want you back.

  1. Distance yourself. Have you ever heard the expression "absence makes the heart grow fonder?" This is not only a true statement for couples, but also  when are trying to make her want you back. Your ex can't miss you if you are constantly calling her or showing up at her house. It may not be easy, but if you make yourself unavailable to her, she will realize how much she misses you. Don't pursue her nonstop, give her enough space so she can see what life would be like without you, and she will contact you..
  2. Let her know you still care. While it is definitely important to distance yourself, you also want to let her know that you're interested in getting back together.  This can be a difficult situation to balance, but it can be done. One way of letting her know you still care is to call her and tell her that you miss her. Then, casually tell her that you want to give her her space, but you wanted her to know that you miss her. Even if she seems unimpressed in the beginning, she will be thinking about your phone call throughout the day and into the night.
  3. Make her jealous. A little jealousy never hurt anyone, so to make her want you back, make her a little jealous. Don't take some random girl out and dry hump her in a bar within site of your ex. That's a sure way to never get her back. Instead, just show up with a good looking friend in a place where you know your ex is. Do nothing inappropriate or out of line with this girl (after all, you'll have to explain your actions when you get back together). But when your ex sees you with someone else, it will make her realize that there are other women out there for you. If she still has feelings for you, this little trick is a great way to make her want you back.  
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