How To Make Her Want You

You probably are wondering how to make her want you. Women are puzzles just waiting to be put together and solved! Making chicks want you is easy once you learn what women are looking for.

  1. Remain mysterious. There are many great reasons to be honest. There are also many reasons why you should remain mysterious to make her want you. Women dig men who hold back without seeming to do so. If you tell her too much about your personal life, past relationships, and your mother, especially in the first few dates, she will run. Keep your private affairs private-at least in the beginning. If the relationship develops into something more serious, then you can spill the beans about your past. Until then, make her want you because you aren't giving it all away .
  2. Act like a gentleman. It goes without saying that making her want you means being a gentleman. This does not mean ingratiating yourself to a woman, putting yourself last or being a doormat. It does mean treating her like a lady, being attentive and minding your manners. Because so many guys don't have good manners, you'll have the head start. It pays to know which fork to use at dinner, and the difference between going to a rock concert and meeting her mom. Be a gentleman, be nice and you will make her want you.
  3. Laugh. One of the best ways to make her want you is through laughter. You know how a good belly laugh makes you feel? Give that to your girl and she's sure to come back for more. Women love men who are happy. If you can tell a good joke, all the better. The best quality of all is being able to laugh at yourself sometimes. Be able to take a joke and you're sure to make her want you more.
  4. Show her a good time. When you're dating, it's supposed to be fun. Show your girl a good time and she will want you. After all, if meeting and dating women is a chore, why do it? Take her to fun places. Do things she enjoys as well as turning her on to the things that rock your world. When you put effort into having great dates, it will make her want you. Chicks dig fun times as much as you do. Remember that fun dates can also be inexpensive, too!
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