How to Make Her Like Your Friends

Your girlfriend is important to you, so obviously you want to know how to make her like your friends. Being able to interact with her and your friends separately as well as together is always a much more comfortable situation when they do not hate each other. Whether your girlfriend is meeting them for the first time, or she has already met and formed a rather unpleasant opinion of them, it is possible that she could actually become fond of them

  1. Have a talk. If you want to make her like your friends, explain to your girlfriend how much they mean to you. If she knows how much you care about and respect them, more often than not she will make an extra effort to look for the good in them and like them knowing how important they are to you.
  2. Brag about your friends. A girlfriend should be happy that her boyfriend has friends that are there when he needs them. If a friend helps you with your car or buys you a round of beers, let her know. A way to make her like your friends is to let her know that they are good people worth getting to know. Even if she has already met and does not like them, when they do a good thing for you, bring it up to her in conversation.
  3. Do not be negative. Just the way that telling your girlfriend the good things your friends do for you has a positive impact, telling her the bad things could bring about a negative impact. Telling her when they are being jerks is not a way to make her like your friends. More often than not, it will cause more problems than it is worth.
  4. Take them to neutral places. When you want to hang out together, taking your girlfriend to a place your friends love but she does not like and vice versa is not the best idea. Chances are that complaining will ensue, followed by an escalated annoyance level which leaves you stuck in the middle. If you want to make her like your friends, bring them to a neutral place that everyone will be happy going to.

If you want your girlfriend to like your friends, it is also important to make time for both her and them. Having one feeling neglected or isolated is not a good way to have everyone get along. If they do not gel right away, do what you can to rectify the situation before it gets out of hand. Give it time; eventually they could get along quite well. 



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