How To Make A Herbal Heat Pack

Learn how to make a herbal heat pack to sooth tired, aching muscles and joints. Warming herbs, such as ginger and prickly ash, can be used to effectively relieve pain and treat minor injuries. Making a herbal heat pack is simple enough for anyone to do at home, even if you do not have prior experience with herbs.

To make a herbal heat pack, you will need:

  • Cotton cloth
  • Scissors
  • String
  • One cup of uncooked rice
  • Two ounces of dried herbs
  1. Cut cloth to desired size. Decide how large or small you want your herbal heat pack. A smaller pack will cover joints; a larger one can be laid on sore shoulder, back, and leg muscles.
  2. Mix the rice and herbs. Decide which herbs to use for the heat pack. Ginger, cayenne, and prickly ash will stimulate circulation. Jamaican dogwood relieves pain. Chamomile and lavender relax. Combine herbs and rice in a bowl. Add essential oils if desired.
  3. Make the cotton cloth into a pouch. Bring the corners of the cloth together to form the pack. Add contents. Tie the corners together with a string to close and secure.
  4. Heat the herbal pack when needed. Place in the microwave for one to two minutes, then apply to sore areas. A warm oven can also be used, but be careful not to overheat.

Knowing how to make a herbal heat pack is a great way to have easy access to an effective natural remedy for pain. Store in a cool dry place. The pack can be used repeatedly.


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