How To Make A High School Baseball Diamond

If you've recently seen "Field of Dreams," you may feel compelled to learn how to make a high school baseball diamond. To make a high school baseball diamond, you will either need to own or have access to a lot of land and have the necessary permits in order to build on it. Having your own baseball field can be a great thing. Being able to play an actual game of America's own sport any time you want in the comfort of your own yard could be great. Plus, who knows, maybe ghosts will come play baseball for you! Just remember, maintaining a high school baseball diamond is a lot of work!

  1. For a high school baseball diamond, you will need a lot of space and a lot of grass. On average, you will need about 400 feet by 400 feet of room, or about three acres. This is to make sure you have room for dugouts, bleachers and any other necessary thing, like a snack stand and a place to sell foam fingers. What type of grass and the pattern you cut it is entirely up to you. It is recommended that the field be oriented so that the line from home plate to the pitcher's mound runs east to north east.
  2. You will also need to keep the grass off of the packed sand around the base paths and at the pitchers mound. An official baseball diamond is 90 feet on a side, and a little bit over 127 feet across the diamond. You also want, at minimum, 60 feet from home plate to your backstop. The distance down the foul line to the wall, if you plan on building one, can differ based on preference, but 300 feet should be the absolute bare minimum at the shortest points of your high school diamond. You will also have to put up foul poles that will be easily visible to everybody involved.
  3. To keep people safe, and to save money on balls, you will want a very large backstop made of sturdy wire. This should be twenty feet high or more in order to keep balls in play. If you build an outfield fence, it should be seven to eight feet high; any lower and you risk injury when high school players crash into it inevitably. Other options, like warning tracks or dugouts, can be added based on how often the field will be used and what level of baseball the teams on the diamond will be playing on.

Be sure to contact the high school that you intend to have use your baseball diamond to make sure it complies with any requirements they may have. Play ball!



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