How To Make Hillbilly Golf Set

Once you know how to make hillbilly golf set stands, you will have the skills to create a portable game that can be played by adults and children of all ages. Hillbilly golf is known by a variety of names, such as "Snake Toss." The game is simple to make and the rules, as well as the game itself, can be modified to make hillbilly golf easier or harder depending on the age and skill level of the players.

To make a hillbilly golf set, you will need:

  • Twelve golf balls with a solid center
  • Nine feet of 3/8" rope
  • One 3/8" drill bit and drill
  • 22 feet of one inch PVC pipe (Please note that you will be cutting pipe into 18, 24 and 12 inch pieces, so if you are buying in small pieces keep that in mind. Or simply buy one ten foot piece and one twelve foot piece.)
  • Six one inch PVC "T" fittings
  • Six one inch PVC 90 degree fittings
  • Hand saw or pipe cutter
  1. Create the bolos. To make the bolos, drill a hole all the way through each golf ball. Use one eighteen inch piece of rope per pair of golf balls. Slide each end of the rope through a golf ball of the same color. Keep in mind that some golf balls have a liquid center and will explode if drilled. Do not use these golf balls. (No matter how tempting the idea of an exploding golf ball is, it's not safe.) Tie a half square knot above and below each golf ball.
  2. Cut the pipe. The pipe will create the stand where you will be throwing the bolos when you play hillbilly golf. Measure and cut the pipe so that you end up with six twelve inch pieces, five 24 inch pieces and four eighteen inch pieces.
  3. Create the base. You may use glue to make the base or the entire stand permanent, but since it is so easy to assemble, you can refrain from using glue so you have a completely portable hillbilly golf set. To make the base, first connect two of the eighteen inch pieces by placing a "T" fitting between them and inserting the pipe into the fitting. Repeat the process with the other two eighteen inch pieces. Place a 90 degree fitting on all four ends of the pipe. Insert two 24 inch pieces of pipe into the 90 degree fittings on one section, then insert the other ends of the 24 inch pipe into the corresponding 90 degree fittings. You should now have a rectangle with two open "T" fittings.
  4. Create the stand. Place a 90 degree fitting on each end of one of the 24 inch pieces. Place "T" fittings on both ends of the remaining 24 inch pieces of pipe. Insert a twelve inch piece of pipe into each "T" fitting on the base. Insert the same twelve inch pieces into the "T" fittings that are located on one of the 24 inch pieces. Repeat this process, making the stand taller each time until you run out of twelve inch pieces. Place the 24 inch piece with the 90 degree fittings on either end on top of the top pieces measuring twelve inches. Press down on the top pipe to make sure that the fittings are all snug. Now you can begin playing hillbilly golf!
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