How To Make A Hockey Jersey Frame

When you know how to make a hockey jersey frame, you can display your jersey and show off your work. Choose the material you want the frame to be made of and measure the size of the jersey you intend to display. If you have enough wall space, you may not need to fold the sleeves of the jersey. Decide how much to spend on a hockey jersey frame and go to a crafts or art store to buy the materials.

Things you'll need:

  • Wood framing pieces
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Glass or plastic for the frame
  • Wire for hanging the frame
  • Tacks or two-sided tape
  1. Use a material, such as wood, to make a hockey jersey frame. Tell the clerk at the arts or crafts store the measurements of the jersey and have them help you decide how much wood to buy. Many stores have wood frames already pre-cut, which will save you some time and effort.
  2. Buy some matting for a hockey jersey frame. This is the material you will attach the jersey to inside the frame. Choose a mat that is a different color than the jersey so it will stand out. You also will need either a glass or plastic front for the frame, so make sure to purchase that from the art store.
  3. Assemble the frame. Most art stores include small nails with the strips of wood used for the frame. Gently tap the nails into the frame, except for the top piece which you will do later. Once you finish, place the matting inside of the frame. You may want to also add a wire to the back for hanging the frame.
  4. Put the hockey jersey inside of the frame. Arrange the jersey how you like and either tack it down onto the matting or use two-sided tape to hold it in place. Put the glass into the frame and nail down the top piece to finish the job. Hang the frame on the wall and make sure it is securely in place so the frame does not fall.
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