How To Make A Hockey Puck Display Case

If you want to make a hockey puck display case, decide how you want the case to look before you buy the materials. If you have more than one puck to display, you may want to use one case instead of making two. Determine how large you want a hockey puck display case to be, and then head to a craft store to find what you will need to make it.

Things you'll need:

  • Wood base
  • Glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Glass or plastic for the case
  • Mirror for the back piece of the case
  • Glass cleaner and cloth
  1. Ask the craft store clerk what material they recommend you use for the base. Many people use wood for the base of a hockey puck display case, however the clerk may know of a different material you can try. If you decide to use wood, give the clerk the measurements and have them show you the different types of woods they have available. See if the base comes with slots for the case already cut into the wood.  
  2. Choose glass or plastic when you make a hockey puck display case. Glass is more expensive, but will look nicer. Ask the clerk if they can cut the glass you need, or go to a glass store if necessary. Make sure the glass pieces are thin enough to slide into the slots of the wood base before you finish your order. Use a mirror for the back piece, instead of glass, so the display case looks nicer.
  3. Decide whether you want a top on a hockey puck display case. Make sure to buy a piece of glass for the top if you want the case to be completely enclosed. As you start to assemble the case, glue each side of glass in the appropriate slot that is cut in the wood base. If you have a small stand for the puck, you may want to glue that to the base as well.
  4. Put the puck inside the case, and glue the top piece of glass if you choose to use one. Wipe off the inside of each piece of glass, to remove any fingerprints, before you add the top piece. Make sure to clean the underside of the top piece as well, before you glue it on. Let the glue dry when you make a hockey puck display case, before you move it to the permanent location.



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