How To Make Holes In Jeans

If you don't want to spend extra money for destroyed jeans, learn about how to make holes in your jeans. Making holes in your jeans is relatively simple. Making holes in your jeans will also give your jeans a unique design. 

In order to learn about how to make holes in your jeans, you will need these items:

  • A pair of jeans you don't care about
  • A razor, cheese grater, or knife
  • The pair of jeans you want to wear
  1. Find a flat, hard surface. The first step in making holes in your jeans is to find a flat, hard surface so that your jeans can lie flat. The best hard surface is probably going to a wood table or desk. Just make sure you don't mind getting the surface dirty or scratching it.
  2. Find a pair of jeans you don't mind ruining. Before you make holes in the jeans you actually want to wear, you should practice first. Get an old pair of jeans or even a pair of denim shorts. This way you can try out different styles of distressing without ruining the jeans you like.
  3. Choose your tool. You can use almost any sharp object to make holes in your jeans. If you want to make discrete holes in your jeans start with a razor or a cheese grater. For a more destroyed look, you should use a knife or a pair of scissors. You can also use a combination of these tools to create a unique look for your leans.
  4. Make the holes. Whatever you do, don't cut holes in your jeans. Cutting the holes in your jeans won't give your jeans a distressed look, it will just be obvious that you cut holes in your jeans. Start by using a "sawing" method with your knife or razor or other sharp object. Saw your jeans horizontally for a natural looking hole.
  5. Add finishing touches. Some people use sandpaper when making holes in their jeans. Sandpaper can give your jeans a worn look. You can rub sandpaper over the edges of the holes or anywhere else you want your jeans to look worn.
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