How To Make Holes In Your Jeans

Figuring out how to make holes in your jeans is not only easy, it’s incredibly backwards. Who buys a pair of jeans just to mutilate them? Putting holes in your jeans just seems to be a waste of money. The old schoolers out there would never consider putting a hole in their jeans. Ah, well. New age, new trends, right? Well, putting a hole in your jeans is very simple. The proper tools could even make it easy for you to carve designs into your nice pair of denim jeans.

What you need:

  • Razor blade or a box cutter
  • Pair of jeans
  1. Cut up. This process is so simple that you have wonder why people would pay money to buy jeans with holes already in them. Use the edge of your razor blade to separate the denim where you want the hole to be. Patiently scrape the section until you notice the material beginning to separate. At this point you have decision to make. What kind of hole do you want? Do you want a clean cut or do you want the opening to have a sort of frayed look to it? If you want a cleaner cut, simply use the sharpened edge of your razor blade or box cutter and cut through the fabric in the direction you want the hole to be in.
  2. The frayed look. This takes a tad bit more manipulation of the fabric. Take the edge of your razor blade and go around the circumference of the hole, picking at the threads. Do this until they begin to look really shabby. And there you go, the frayed look.
  3. More designs. Using the broad side of the razor blade or box cutter to scrape at the denim of your jeans can produce varied ripped looks in the jeans. If you’re going to put holes in your jeans, you might as well be destructively creative. Just play around with scraping and scratching methods until you create a few unique designs.
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