How To Make A Homemade Camp Stove

Let's learn how to make a homemade camp stove. Making a homemade camp stove isn't as hard as you would probably imagine. You can create your homemade camp stove with stuff you find in the woods on your next camping trip. The best part is, your homemade camp stove is very easy to clean up, and you can leave it behind. Ask yourself, how hard could it really be. Our ancestors figured out how to harness fire and use it to cook right? Well that's essentially what you're doing here with a homemade camp stove. Let's throw one together so you can get to the fun part, cooking the meat.

What you need.

  • something to dig a hole with
  • charcoal
  • lighter fluid
  • a cutting tool
  • assorted tree branches
  • heat resistant gloves for cooking
  • a porous flame retarded metallic top (you could even take the top of one of those grills if you want)
  • matches
  1. Get some good branches. Cut a decent number of healthy branches off of some trees in your camp area. The thicker the better. The healthier the better. You don't want to pick up random dead branches on the ground because they'll be too dry. Dry branches and fire don't mix very well. You want to make a homemade camp stove not a forest fire. Once you've found the branches, use your knife or cutting tool to skin the out layer of wood off of them.
  2. Digging a hole. This is pretty self explanatory. Dig yourself a circular hole. Don't make it too shallow because we're going to light a fire in there later on. Make it no more than two feet deep. Also, make sure the circumference of the hole isn't longer than the branches you cut. Also, make sure you remove any flammable stuff from around the hole. As a matter of fact, line the outside perimeter of the hole with a few rocks.
  3. Putting it all together. Throw some charcoal in the bottom of your pit and use a the lighter fluid and a match to start a fire. You could go the caveman route and use dried leaves and brush if you wish. The task was to build a homemade camp stove however, not to live the cast away lifestyle. Make sure the fire doesn't get too high. Line the branches across the hole. Keep them close enough so the food doesn't fall through the spaces. If you have any branches left, sharpen the ends of the sticks to make pokers. You can use the pokers to turn the meat over.
  4. Throw the meat on. Your homemade camp stove is done. Now it's time to cook with it. You've got the fire going, so throw the meat on. Once you have your tender vittles set to your liking, cover the food with your metallic top. Check on the food periodically, flipping it and so forth. And there you go.
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