How To Make A Homemade Drop Hammer

For those who like to call themselves as backyard engineers or metal-shaping enthusiast it is useful to know how to make a homemade drop hammer. A homemade drop hammer can easily be built at a low cost and can be used in a lot of metal shaping activities with no professional effort required.

Things that are required in order to make a drop hammer:

  • Steel plates
  • Cylindrical Wall tubing
  • Anvil
  • Hammer
  • Welding tools
  • Bolts
  1. First, find a hammer and add some mass to it making it bigger and heavier the way you want (6'' by 11'' size is optimum). Heavy hammers will be able to give stronger impact hence better results.
  2. Now build the base plate using thick metal plates of about five to six inch thickness and size of around 14” by 32”. Also, get an anvil and weld some base plates to it so that it could get more stable and balance.
  3. For building the power head of homemade drop hammer, weld a one-inch thick base plate to the wall tubing base and bolt metal sheets on its both end to hold the hammer as well as guide it in the process of lowering and raising it.
  4. Next, we build the frame of homemade drop hammer. For that get an eight-inch wall tube and weld a one-inch base plate to it. Now, using six to eight bolts, attach the five-inch base plate that we built earlier to the tubing. Also, attach the anvil using the same way.
  5. Frame should be designed in such a way that there is a passage for gas pipes through which the steam will pass and provide auxiliary air to the hammer for its movement in ascending way.
  6. In the end, attach the hammer to the power head with bolts. Weld the power head and the base plate to the frame. During the welding process, all parts should be pre-heated longer due to thickness of metal used in the machine specially the hammer which is a chunk of pure thick layers of iron. Align every part before welding. This is very important for the homemade drop hammer to work properly.
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