How To Make A Homemade Guitar Booster Pedal

If you are looking into how to make a homemade guitar booster pedal, know that it’s not that difficult once you have a little basic knowledge under your hat. A guitar booster pedal is not used for distortion, so keep that in mind. A guitar booster pedal is used simply to amplify the guitar’s total signal, as is, to the amplifier. You may need to use a guitar booster pedal if you are in a hard rock or heavy metal band and need to ensure that your guitar’s sound gets up and over the rest of the band during a particularly intense moment in a song.

  1. Figure out what guitar booster pedal model is right for you. That would be based upon experience. If you don’t have experience in this area, ask around and read from those who do.
  2. Find the schematics for your chosen guitar booster pedal. These should be easy to find online. You might also make a few toll-free phone calls. But when all is said and done, they’re pretty easy to find. (If you don’t know how to read electronics wiring schematics, you’ll have to learn from other sources.)
  3. Acquire the parts for the guitar booster pedal. You will acquire these based upon the schematic. These will include such things as resistors, transducers, conductors and needed wires, among others.
  4. Acquire the needed tools. These tools will include soldering iron, screwdriver (and screws), wire strippers and so forth.
  5. Use the parts and the schematic diagram to put together your customized guitar booster pedal. Once you become more proficient with building guitar effects pedals, you’ll be able to customize your own sound more precisely, and be able to build even more guitar effects pedals besides this guitar booster pedal.

Always use safety gear, including eyewear and gloves, when soldering. You can look up how to solder online if need be. You can also research how to reach electronics wiring schematics online. Don’t be afraid of the challenge of building your own guitar booster pedal, even if you are not good at electronics right now.

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