How To Make A Homemade Guitar Slide

Need to know how to make a homemade guitar slide? Making your own homemade guitar slide can be a rewarding experience, and it is a lot cheaper than purchasing a brand new guitar slide. So if you have ever wanted your guitar to sound a little more "Southern," this simple guide will help you fashion your very own homemade guitar slide.

To make a homemade guitar slide, you will need:

  • Plastic/metal piping or a glass bottle
  • A hacksaw or similar tool used for cutting
  • Sandpaper or steel wool
  1. Use a plastic pipe. Go to your local hardware store and purchase a small piece of plastic piping. Make sure that it has a small circumference and that it fits snugly over your index finger. Take it home and cut a two-and-one-quarter-inch section off using a ratcheting plastic pipe cutter (this will ensure you have a smooth cut) or a hacksaw. If you choose to use a hacksaw, use sandpaper or steel wool to smooth out the cut edges. Also, make sure the pipe is not cold when you are cutting it as it will become brittle and break apart.
  2. Use a metal pipe. Though harder to cut than plastic piping, a metal slide will give you a more authentic sound. Find or purchase a small length of black or galvanized metal pipe and cut off a two-and-one-quarter-inch section using a hacksaw, chain cutter or similar tool. If you do not possess the necessary tools to cut metal piping, most hardware stores will cut it to your specifications for a small fee. Use a reamer or steel wool to smooth the edges so you don’t cut yourself when using the slide.
  3. Use glass. Glass guitar slides are just as common as metal ones, and they produce a very clear and smooth sound on guitar strings. Take any glass beer or soda bottle and remove the neck using a glass cutter or hacksaw. Glass is very brittle, so you only need to score the bottle, not cut through it. Once you have a suitable score, lightly tap the base of the bottle against a hard surface (make sure you are outside). This will break the body of the bottle and leave you with just the neck. Smooth out the surface of the cut with sandpaper.
  4. Improvise. If you don’t feel like making your own guitar slide, there are many common household objects that you can use instead. Metal or plastic cigarette lighters, shot glasses or empty medicine bottles are just some of the objects you can use. Experiment with others and see what kind of sounds they produce. After all, that is part of the fun of being a musician.
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