How To Make Homemade Kayak Float Bags

Knowing how to make homemade Kayak float bag is an important part of kayaking sport. A kayak float bag is used for preventing kayak from breaking. Kayak floating bags are made from a number of fabrics, but the best so far is nylon. While making a kayak float bag, it is necessary to consider durability and safety. Kayak float bags are an important element of kayaking gear as they work as a lifeguard in case of emergencies. In order to make homemade kayak float bag, certain things are required which are as follows:

  • Nylon sheet six inch longer then the length of kayak and 4 inches more than the circumference of kayak
  • Iron
  • Polypopene
  • Polyester thread
  • Polypropene webbing
  1. Cut a rectangular shaped piece from the nylon sheet one inch longer than the desired circumference and height. This is done to give homemade kayak float bag some breathing space.
  2. Iron the cloth from one side. This is done just to bring shine to the homemade kayak float bag. Make sure to iron it properly. Wrong ironing will give you a skinny bag with a displaced opening at the top.
  3. Repeat step one and two with the same nylon sheet. Leave about one to two inches extra fabric at one end of the cloth so that the flap can be easily made. This is an important step, otherwise attaching a new cloth to make a flap will be really difficult.
  4. Sew the two pieces with each other using polyester thread. After sewing both the clothes, cut the edge in a round shape where the ends are equal and not the edge where you left extra inches for flap. Sew the round edge to close one side. This is done to adjust the edge of kayak inside the bag.
  5. For making a closure, take six-inch polypropene webbing larger than the circumference of homemade kayak float bag. Sew it on both the edges of kayak float bag to give it proper support at the edges. Cut out left out webbing.
  6. Take another two strips of polypropene webbing around ten inches. Weave them together and sew the patch at the middle of the bag to make a holder for the homemade kayak float bag. You can use multicolored clothes and strips and sew them on the homemade kayak float bag to make it look more attractive and beautiful.
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