How To Make A Homemade Kayak Sprayskirt

Learning how to make a homemade kayak sprayskirt can be basic knowledge for a kayaking enthusiast. Spray skirts ensure that water does not enter the cockpit of your kayak and assists in preventing the boat from accumulating water. Neoprene and nylon are good for rugged environments that might end up damaging the other material and allow water inside the kayak. The level of difficulty in making such a skirt for your kayak is moderate. The project of skirt making should reach completion within a day.  After it is done you will always have well fitting skirt that can take on rough circumstances.

Items You Will Need to Make A Homemade Kayak Sprayskirt:

  • 1/8 of an inch of neoprene
  • Spring loaded clamps
  • Acetone
  • An inch of webbing made from nylon
  • Glue for Neoprene
  • Plastic (flexible) or metallic sheet
  • Tape
  • ¼  of an inch of shock cord
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Thread


  1. Spread out the neoprene on the opening of the cockpit and use a shock cord to secure it in its position so you can make a homemade kayak sprayskirt. Now spread it out smoothly so that there are no creases. Let there be no tension on it and use a clamp to hold the two together below the coaming of the cockpit.
  2. Remove the remaining neoprene by cutting it away. Make sure you leave about three inch border that extends out from the coaming. Make a cut in shape of a wedge on the other side of the coaming. This cut adjusts the tension between the shock cord and the neoprene. You will need this adjustment to make a homemade kayak sprayskirt.
  3. Use acetone for cleaning the neoprene before constructing the homemade kayak sprayskirt. After it has dried, fold the excess neoprene at the border up to three inches and mark it there so that glue can be used to secure it.
  4. Use the glue now to stick the two together creating the main part of the homemade kayak sprayskirt.
  5. Fold the flap onto the surface of the coaming and apply glue for neoprene. You will notice that the surfaces bond almost immediately. Ensure that there are no spaces left in between to allow air bubbles.
  6. Use the plastic or the metallic sheet to cut out a tower shaped figure from it. Stick it with the tape making sure that the total measurement is a couple of inches lesser than your waist. The lower portion should be a few inches more than your waist.
  7. Take a rectangular shaped part of neoprene that is two inches more than the length of the skirt and wrap it over cone or tower. Now cut it out from here so that the two overlap by two inches. Clean it using acetone and stick the two using the glue.
  8. Bring tower to the center on the seat and spread over the outside part of the cone. Take out the cone or tower and mark 2 inches shorter. Cut at the shorter length that was just drawn. This step will be well on the way to making a homemade kayak sprayskirt.
  9. Put the tower inside the opening and let it hang till your waist height as you sit comfortably on the kayak. Take neoprene of the deck and turn it inward up to two inches covering the tower. Smooth it out to remove creases. Again use acetone to clean it and the glue to stick the overlapping neoprene.
  10. Take out the homemade sprayskirt and use the needle and thread to sew up a loop measuring an inch of webbing of nylon at the front part of the skirt. Use bar tacks to secure the loop at 2 places. Congratulations you have made a homemade kayak sprayskirt.
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