How To Make A Homemade Mouth Guard For MMA

Need to know how to make a homemade mouth guard for MMA use? Although MMA fighters don't seem to value their throats too much, they evidently value their teeth. It's no fun to get punched in the mouth and start bleeding profusely. Worse yet, you might lose a tooth and have to make a rather expensive trip to the dentist to replace it. So take preventative measures. Instead of waiting until you get punched out, learn how to make a homemade mouth guard for MMA yourself.

To make a homemade mouth guard for MMA you will need:

  • Unmolded mouth guard
  • Teapot or pan
  • Water
  • Scissors
  1. Boil a pot of water. Then, place the unmolded mouth guard in the boiling water to soften. Keep it in the water for the recommended amount of time on the package, usually about ten seconds. Remove it with hot dog tongs or a slotted spoon so you don't burn your hands.
  2. Quickly place the mold into your mouth and use your fingers to form it around your teeth and gums. Make sure you get ample guard in the front all the way up to where your upper lip connects to your gum line on the inside. It might feel a little uncomfortable for a while, but you'll get accustomed to it. Also, make sure the mold isn't jiggly. It should fit snugly in your mouth and around the teeth.
  3. Use sharp scissors to trim off any excess molding. Use your fingers to shape the trimmed edges into rounded edges of your newly molded homemade mouth guard for MMA so you don't get an uncomfortable line going around the inside of your mouth.
  4. Cut off the strap if the mouth guard came with one. The last thing you want your opponent to do is yank the strap off  your homemade mouth guard for MMA during the match.
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