How To Make A Homemade Pump For A Penis

Learning how to make a homemade penis pump isn’t very difficult. If you understand how a penis pump works, constructing one is quite simple. Well, a penis pump creates a vacuum That forces more blood than usual into the penis causing it to stay erect for long periods of time. Knowing this, theoretically constructing a working penis pump is simple. There are dangers to subjecting your little soldier to anything homemade though. Here are some ideas for throwing together a homemade penis pump. Talk it over with your penis first. If you both agree then read on. Enter at your own risk. Making a homemade penis pump.


what you need:

  • an empty plastic soda bottle (the size depends, on well, your size)
  • a vacuum with hose and reverse functionality
  • a cutting tool
  • cotton or gauze
  • lots of tape.
  1. The cutting. The first step to constructing your homemade penis pump is to shape the plastic bottle. Cut off the base of the bottle so the edges are all uniform. If the hose of your vacuum can fit directly over  the capped top of the bottle then you don’t need to manipulate that part. If not, then feel free to chop the capped top off as well.
  2. Lining the bottle. You’re ultimately going to be placing your penis inside the bottle. The base of the bottle is going to be pressing into your groin area. For your own good, you need to line it with soft barrier. Or, just run the risk of scratching your plumbing all up… Thought so. Well, grab the cotton gauze and line the base of the bottle with it. Use the tape to secure the gauze along the base of the bottle. Make sure you have enough. You don’t want to hurt yourself. Also, make sure you have enough room in the bottle for your penis to become fully erect. Nothings worse then trying to park your car in a small spot.
  3. The vacuum. Put the hose of the vacuum over the capped part of the bottle. Make sure you remove the cap genius. If there’s space in between, you’re going to need to use the tape to keep air from seeping out. Line the hose and bottle with as much tape as needed. You can’t create a vacuum if air is leaking out.
  4. Testing it out. Get your little soldier to semi-attention. Place him in the bottle. Secure the base of the bottle over your groin area. Switch the vacuum to suck mode. Turn it on. You’ll know if the penis pump works because your little guy will be engorged with blood in a few moments. If it works, then great! If not, you probably need to line the bottle better to keep the air from leaking out.
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